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Rain 42 by ChencoIlufi
Rain 42
In the last moment suddenly the direction of this changed when I remembered the old scenes of this kid in the water opening that door: Rain 11   I wanted to repeat it with some interesting differences about the people inside and the prisoner skeleton. Its fun how this really haven't any direction clear even for me.
I felt it very similar as when somebody has the same dream again and again but with some small differences, as a story which its being completed.

I tried to integrate some of the old graphic style because it have much better and cute facial expresions.
It was fun how the pendant helped me to censor him in the end.


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Rain 41 by ChencoIlufi
Rain 41
This kind of scenes are essentially and simbolically from my favourites
Reveals the state of spirit.

I'm still not there, but that day, in a pleitude condition, the feel of being pushed to paint should't exist

Expressions exist  when a being its separated from its center, and its returning to it; I see that in my guitar's strings,; they
make their song when I disturb them from their stillness.

This is interesting in people, when they interrupts the silence with something, they are revealing their lack, the note they will sing until back to silence; the green of a leaf its the light espectrum they are rejecting, their road, and their beauty.

Every what isn't available to being sight, its complete and in peace, and you can only experiment that in the trance of innocence. 
Knowledge is on the silent people, but they don't talk..  maybe if we disconect them from their plenitude.. when the guitar have 2 strings in the same note, and just one of them vibrating, the other automatically starts to vibrate too. Also, it can start to sing all what he learned in the infinite silence... blablablah,  I'm writing a lot because i'm disconected from myself for a while..


I was afraid of ruin character's shadows before, so here I tried to make them very strong, and with the new brushstroke technique
all worked nice.

This work its the mark of the totally detachment of the old SAI technique I used for a long time.

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Rain 40 by ChencoIlufi
Rain 40
This is pure brushstroke, I felt ready to make a synthesis with that technique in photoshop, except with the last picture because I made it before, so I ended this page very fast.
I thinks this way to paint its more comfortable for me, the argument of forms its just color and its easier to express volume and all what it means; lights, shadows, reflects, shine blur etc...  


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A fellow deviant, :icontwotribalmeowstics: recently had one of his works removed for "displaying underage nudity". There was nothing sexual about it, just innocent childhood naturism. I feel the rest of us are at risk unless we do something. So please show him your support.
Johnny-Aza Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member  General Artist

Tienes muy buenos diseños; felicitaciones

Te seguiré para poder ver más de tus trabajos : )

ChencoIlufi Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Muchas gracias ^^
SaraPlante Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist

Thank you so much for the favorite on Cat and Mouse!

ChencoIlufi Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
No prob ^^
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Thank-you-for-the-favs by KmyGraphic  Timohim!!:love: I am very much appreciated it!! :heart:Love by Digithalie Butterfly love by Nina1love1
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WOW your drawings are absolutely stunning!! The color and composition- Everything is gorgeous!! ; A ; <33
Sparkster64 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
It's always a treat to find that you've updated
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how he back in human ,:| (Blank Stare) you know CITY IN THE CLOUDS and new art con heve Gliese 581 g you say this is raelby AndrewLyle
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